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Super Wok Succulent Bowl

Sunshine Succlents worked with a client to create this beautiful super wok display.



The job took 7 hours but as you can see it was worth it for such a beautiful end result. The process that we used is how I plan out most of my bowls and arrangements. Having a plan before you buy succlents is always a good plan too as you'll need an idea of how many you will need to buy and what types. 

If you need any assitance with picking succlents we are always happy to help with this or even with arrangements. Give us a call to chat about your options


It it always recommended to have a plan before planting the succlents. As you can see below we cut out a paper template to figure out the basis of our arrangment. 


It was a beautiful final piece and our client was thrilled with it.


Some tips for outdoor succluent arrangments.

As you can imagine succlents living outdoors have some different care needs than succlents living indoors. 

The main issue in Asutralian Summer is the harsh sun, succlents love sun but we can burn in Australian summer so make sure to place your sucllent arrangements in a semi shaded area, espically with a succlent bowl of this size you can't move it easily so soending some time thinking about place ment is important.

What to think about arrangement placement?

  1. Sunlight succleunts need sunlight or they will loose colour
  2. Shade - summer months the sun might be too much and burn succlents if they are ini direct sunlight.
  3. Access to water, weather you are hand watering or have a retic system set up in summer Succents will need to be watered 2-3 times a week.
  4. If you are having any issues with your succlents please don't hesitate to call Karen for assistance.
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